Luke Maki, P.e.
candidate for 2016 division vi director-elect

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You have likely come to this page via the 2015 IEEE Ballot. Here you will find a restatement of my position relative to my candidacy for Division VI Director-Elect (2016), answers to the 'three questions,' and I have also provided a bit more information about myself and my history.  Regarding any issue you care to share with me, I will be pleased to hear from you.

IEEE Professional Communication Society (PCS)

IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Society (TEMS) [formerly TMC]


Technology Policy Activity

               Award for outstanding service to
               the society.
                Achievement Award

IEEE TAB COmmittees served:

      - AdHoc Society Advisory
      - AdHoc: Structure

      - Contributed to
            of ‘New Technical
            Community’ Process


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